Planning & Construction Updates

Sitka Sedge State Natural Area Master Plan Update

OPRD has posted drafts of natural resource assessments related to the master plan for review. Please find these documents at this site:

As stated before, OPRD has extended the public comment period for the draft master plan. The comment period deadline for this plan has been advertised as June 2nd, 2016. Due to  delays in posting natural resource reports and requests for additional time to review materials related to fish passage improvements, OPRD has decided to extend this comment period.

Comments in regards to the current draft plan are still due by June 2nd. A revised draft master plan incorporating comments from the recent public meetings and the current comment period will be available in mid-June. Comments due June 2 will inform the revised draft plan posted in mid-June. A second 30-day comment period for the revised draft will be established at time of release.

Information about how to submit comments can be found at this page:

A hard copy of the draft master plan is available for review during business hours at the Pacific City Library (South Tillamook County Branch)  6200 Camp Street, Pacific City, Or 97135

Park Construction Update

OPRD is excited to share news of some initial park construction and maintenance efforts that will be occurring in the next few weeks at Sitka Sedge State Natural Area. You may remember these projects were shared at public meetings in January and May as initial development efforts that balance the needs to maintain the park for neighbors, while phasing improvements that ultimately provide designated access to this new park for projected opening in 2017.

  • Park caretaker site preparation is underway. OPRD is working with Nestucca Rural Fire Protection District to prepare the former residential site for redevelopment through a controlled burn. This burn will be a training project for the local fire protection district. The fire department has also been able to use this structure to host rescue training during the past weeks. This development will enable OPRD to begin exploring options to provide a host site in more detail.
  • Trail maintenance projects will be underway in the next few weeks. The existing dike trail currently needs to be mowed frequently in order to maintain access throughout the spring and summer. The portion of the trail (on the dike only) will be graveled designating a trail extending from the pasture on the east end of the dike to the western terminus. We will continue to work with USFWS to coordinate other improvements at both ends of the trail to provide plover protection. This action does not conflict with current Snowy Plover Habitat Conservation Protection actions established on site and meets the following goals: improving existing access on the park property, reducing park maintenance efforts, meeting future park universal access goals, and allowing park staff to monitor vegetation and weather conditions on the trail surface over the next year, prior to park opening.

Approximate dates of construction are as follows:

June 2- June 16, 2016

  • Gravel trail construction on dike only
  • Trail maintenance work on existing trails on interior of park

June 11, 2016

  • House Demo (Controlled Burn by local fire crew)
  • Date tentative based on weather conditions

Again, we would like to thanks everyone for their comments and contributions to the process. We will be sharing comments and meeting summaries on the site as they are finalized.


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  1. Lynnae Ruttledge

    Can you please clarify what is being referred to below as the ‘former residential site’ that is going to be burned? It’s not the historic Beltz cabin is it? By reading the plan and looking at the graphics, I cannot identify which structure is being referenced to below.

    Thank you. Due to recent surgery, I was unable to attend the meeting at the Tierra Del Mar Hall and would appreciate a clarification.

    Lynnae Ruttledge 5885 Austin Ave. 295 Church St. SE #404 Salem, OR 97301

    Sent from my iPad



    • OPRD Planning


      Thank you for your comment. To clarify, the residence that will be demolished is the blue house adjacent to the proposed parking lot on Sand Lake Road, near the northern section of the property. When OPRD looked at options for reuse of this home, the cost of repair begins to outweigh the benefits. OPRD has identified this area for a park host site and house demolition is the first step in that development process. As it stands currently the empty home is a liability.

      In regards to the Beltz Cabin, OPRD sees the value of this building to the local community and the future park. While we do not have any specific plans for the structure we collected several comments during planning period about potential reuse – visitor center? Museum? As time goes on OPRD will be looking at the feasibility of some of these options. Access is tricky to the cabin and one of these options would require a dedicated staff of volunteers, as well as funding for getting the building up to public use standards. As prioritized alongside park development, these are things that will be explored later on as we start to understand visitation patterns at the natural area.


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