Draft Master Plan Posted for Comment

The Draft Sitka Sedge State Natural Area Master Plan is available for review. Please click the link below to download a PDF of the plan.


Sitka Sedge Draft Master Plan (PDF 10 MB) 

We look forward to hearing your comments or seeing you at one of the upcoming public meetings. A current schedule is posted here

Please note, if you previously downloaded a draft plan at the Oregon.gov website, this PDF was incomplete and posted in error. The current draft is now available at this site and http://www.oregon.gov/oprd/PLANS/Pages/Beltz-Property.aspx The old PDF has been removed.


Update 5/11/2016:

The comment period deadline for this plan has been advertised as June 2nd, 2016. Due to  delays in posting natural resource reports and requests for additional time to review materials related to fish passage improvements, OPRD has decided to extend this comment period.

Draft natural resource reports will be posted online in the coming weeks and a revised draft master plan incorporating comments from the recent public meetings and the current comment period will be available in early June. A second 30-day comment period will be established at that time. Comments in regards to the current draft plan are still due by June 2nd. These comments will inform the revised draft plan posted in early June.

Information about how to submit comments can be found here. As always feel free to make comments directly on this page, below.

A hard copy of the draft master plan is available for review during business hours at the Pacific City Library (South Tillamook County Branch)  6200 Camp Street, Pacific City, Or 97135



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  1. Lorenz Arner

    WE need to see comments from the Oregon Department/Office of Emergency Response regarding the consequences of breaching the Dike in the plan. Tierra Del Mar has flooded often with usual winter rain fall and the possibility of a Tsunami is strong. Such flooding would be exacerbated with free high water flow through the dike and their services would be required.
    Consider also that elevated water levels in the swamp East of Sandlake Road would make their directive “head for the high ground” meaningless. Their Tsumami maps for Tierra Del Mar will need revision


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