Recommended Name for the Beltz Property

Sitka Sedge, Carex aquatilis var. dives (Photo by Paul Slichter)

Sitka Sedge, Carex aquatilis var. dives (Photo by Paul Slichter)

We’ve considered several options to name the park, weighing names that reflect past owners, politicians, and landscape features. After thinking about what we hope the park will become – a beautiful,  natural place that offers a low-key, intimate connection to south Tillamook County – we decided to go with a name that will introduce people to a relatively unknown native plant: Sitka Sedge State Natural Area.

Sitka sedge is a beautiful native grass found in pockets throughout the property, and we think it’s a perfect fit for this new park: graceful, ecologically important, and native. There are some good photos of Sitka sedge online at We will be taking this recommendation to our commission at their next meeting on November 18 in Hood River. If you’d like to share what you think about it, you can send an email to or comment directly on this page below.


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  1. Lynnae Ruttledge

    I strongly support the recommendation to name our newest state natural area the Sitka Sedge State Natural Area. It honors one of the unique features of this property and will help to educate visitors for years to come.


  2. I think the new name of the park could reflect more of the history of the area– more consideration given so that the name invokes an actual “Sense of Place”. Sitka Sedge is only one of many native plants that can be found there. No matter what you call it, I believe everyone will still refer to it as “Beltz Farm”, and a great opportunity was missed when the local community was not invited into the naming process sooner seeing how they helped create what the area/trails are today.


  3. I like the name “Sitka Sedge” for the natural area. There is already a park named for a Governor south, historical owner adjacent and a geographic feature north. Sitka Sedge kind of rounds the naming of parks out, and leaves its location a bit obscure, or as OPRD puts it intimate. The only negative I see is that the name will be harder to put into a song’s
    lyrics, and harder to sing with all of those ssss’s.


  4. I prefer a geographical place name rather than choosing just one plant, especially one that is not unique to this site or even to estuary habitat. I also kind of like honoring the human past, Beltz Farm Unit (of Sand Lake Estuary) would be fine.


  5. While present, Sitka Sedge is not unique to the area, as shown by example pictures from Mt Adams. And what if changes to the hydrology alter the presence of Sitka Sedge? It would be best to tie it to some local geographic feature (sand lake, estuary) or historic connection. Any other alternatives still in the running? The whole naming process could engage the public better.


  6. So the OPRD Board Meeting has been held, was there a decision made to name the Beltz Farm property? It was listed as an agenda item, with ACTION.

    Still OK with Sitka Sedge, it works being by the sand, sea and surf.


    • Thank you all for your thoughts in regards to the proposed name of the park both here on the site and via email.

      Great question, Dave. Last week the OPRD Commission unanimously approved the name, Sitka Sedge State Natural Area.

      There was discussion on two points: The first being that the fact many locals will continue to call it Beltz. This is true, the local name will probably be Beltz for quite some time but the name points to its future as a state natural area.

      The second was curiosity about what a “sedge” is. We think sparking curiosity about native plants is a good start to the adventure of launching a new park.

      There will still be opportunities to name features inside the park (trails, trailheads, and viewpoints) so we continue to celebrate site’s roots and history.


  7. Michael St. John

    We believe that the name planned is an “insider” only name and probalby causes joy only among botanists.. It does not reflect the area where the park is situated and the grass is found elswhere.. Beltz farm is attached to the ara by history. Sand Lake is also a major feature. Maybe Beltz Park at Sandlake.


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